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How to Hire the Right People

interviewHiring the right people for your business is crucial, but equally important is being a good manager for your employees. According to an article on forbes.com entitled, The 7C’s: How to Find and Hire Great Employees, there are 7 C’s that you have to keep in mind during the hiring process.

The first C is for competent.  You should make sure that any person that you’re considering hiring is competent in your field of business. You don’t want to hire a networking person as a sales man.  The skills needed are too different.

The second C is capable. Is the person capable of working hard with little supervision?  The more people you hire that are capable the less you will have to worry about what they are doing while you’re out on business trips.

According to Forbes the third C is compatible. You should keep in mind the people that you currently have employed and how the potential candidate would fit in with those people.  Does the candidate seem to have the ability to fit in?  Would they easily talk to potential clients?

The fourth C is Commitment.  Does the potential candidate seem like they would be committed to the position? Do they have a history of floating from one job to another job? Make sure to inquire about their previous work history.  Ask about why they left their previous positions and why they are looking for new employment.

I have seen companies that put a required two years of employment in their contract, and if the employee quits before the two years are over they owe the company the cost of their training.  I’m not sure how I feel about clauses like this, but it seems to work for these institutions.

The fifth C is character.  Character and compatibility can almost fit together as one C.  The Character deals with how the potential employee handles themselves.  Does it seem that they can take criticism? Do they seem like an honest person?

Make sure to do background checks on each of your potential employees.  Also, use social media to your advantage.  What someone puts on their social media pages can tell you a lot about the person’s true character.

The sixth C is culture.  Forbe’s says that, “Workers who don’t reflect a company’s culture tend to be disruptive and difficult.” An office needs to run like an ecosystem, but a very delicate ecosystem similar to the barrier reef.  You don’t want to hire someone who seems like they are low energy and put them in your high energy ecosystem.

Another example is someone who is not a team player, and the rest of your employees are working marvelously as a team.  Bringing in a bad team player can wreck your business.

The final C is compensation.  You need to spend an appropriate amount of money on your employees.  It is so important that they feel valued and they aren’t looking for another job that has a better salary.  You want to keep your employees with you as long as possible because it takes a lot of money to recruit and train new employees.


Being in the Business of Small Businesses

Coaching chalkboard

It takes a lot of knowledge to be taken seriously in the world of business mentoring. How to run a successful business isn’t something that you can learn by attending classes. It is something you learn by having hands on experiences.

I graduated with my MBA from an Ivy League school. I was young and dumb and I thought the world was going to bow to my amazingness. I was wrong.  As it turns out, nobody really cared about me or my dreams.  I started my first business while I was still in college, it failed miserably.

I was okay with its failure.  I told myself, “You just haven’t finished your education yet; your next idea is going to be awesome.” Once I graduated I tried to start another business.  It also failed miserably.  After this failure my parents cut me off.  They refused to support any other business ventures that I tried to show them.

Initially I was hurt, but I picked myself up out of the woe-is-me pity party I was having, and tried again.  This time I started a software company.  I was determined not to fail, and now that my parents were no longer supporting me I had to work my bum off.  I had never been totally on my own before, but it really was the best thing that ever happened to me.

At the beginning of my software company there were a lot of sleepless nights. The building I rented had a tiny studio apartment above it and that’s where I slept. If this company failed, I would have nothing left.

I worked hard and hired the right people.  The success of any business really depends on the management/employee relationship.  You can’t be a bad manager and have talented employees continue to work for you.  At the same time, you can’t be a great boss, but be working with horrible employees.  Really, hiring the right people is crucial to any business.

My software company started to take off.  Soon we were getting orders from all around the world.  We almost ccouldn’tkeep up with the demand.  I had to quadruple my staff in the first two years, and we continued to grow from there. We expanded the sorts of products we offered and things were going great.

I was even able to hire someone to take my place in the everyday running of my business.  I only had to check in once a week to make sure everything was going well. Eventually, I received a huge offer from a competitor to buy us out. It was not a decision I took lightly, but who doesn’t want to retire at 35.  I accepted the offer and just took a few years off.

It turns out that one bad thing about retiring at 40 is the amount of boredom you experience.  Going from a busy business, to sitting around in a lounge chair on a beach was a huge change of pace, and something I wasn’t quite comfortable with.

That’s when I decided what I was going to do with the rest of my life.  I was going to mentor small businesses and use my knowledge of failure and success to help them grow. My favorite part of my own business wasn’t so much the success as the struggle getting there.

I have been mentoring businesses for 5 years now with great success.  I enjoy my job and my life very much.  Being involved with different amazing brand new products is so much fun.  Humans never fail to amaze me with their creativity.


Deciding to Sell Your Business

plant machinery valuation

In the lifespan of an independently owned business – even a successful one – there often comes a point where the owner of the business begins to consider selling to a new owner. Selling a business is not an easy task or a decision to be made lightly. Not only must you as an owner decide whether or not it is really a good idea to sell, but you must also consider what are the correct steps to take in selling your business if you end up deciding it’s for the best.

As a mentor for small business owners, it’s my purpose in life to offer those much-needed words of wisdom to help guide any number of situations that might arise in the world of business. Selling a small business is a weighty topic and should be handled with care, so let’s talk about the steps you need to take to make sure your business is sold the right way.

First, you need to decide whether or not you really want to sell your business. If your out-of-pocket expenses are too high, if you’re not making a profit, if your work is beginning to be detrimental to your health and personal life, if it’s stressing you out too much, if you’re feeling like you’re in over your head or your skills just aren’t good enough – these are all excellent reasons to consider selling. Deciding to sell your business doesn’t signify a failure; in fact, you may be making a very wise decision.

Next, it’s crucially important to understand the value of your business in its current state. Some things that will factor into the value of your business include what industry it belongs to, your current staffing, your profit and expense records, and what brick-and-mortar facilities exist. If the assets you are selling include equipment or plant machinery, you’ll need a professional valuation done to determine how it will affect the market value of your business.

After you’ve gotten a clear perspective on the value of your business, get your paperwork in order. You’ll need a few years worth of profit and loss statements, expense sheets, tax documents, stock inventories, facility appraisals, and the titles to all owned commercial properties (to name a few major ones). Having your papers organized well is very important to ensuring that your sale is legal and can be completed smoothly.

Then, you need to find a qualified buyer. Don’t do business with anyone who you aren’t sure is a qualified buyer, because if they are unable to complete the transaction to sell, it’s a waste of your time and your money. Once you find a buyer that you’re comfortable doing business with, it’s time to talk about the final sale. Be willing to negotiate, but always insist upon a fair market price and stand firm against any buyers who might try to rip you off!

It can be hard to let go of a business you started yourself and built from the ground up, but in many cases selling a business is absolutely the wisest decision an owner can make – financially, mentally, and emotionally. Remember, deciding to sell doesn’t have to be the end. Instead, look at the situation and realize you’ve now opened the door for new and exciting opportunities!

Publishing and Marketing Your Relationship Advice E-Book

how to attract women

Advances in modern technology have made it possible for any author to publish an e-book with just a few clicks and a short waiting period. On Amazon alone, there are over one million e-books available for download, and publishing an e-book is as simple as uploading a file and clicking “Publish”.

Among those one million e-books, a vast number of them are self-help and advice books offering wisdom on everything from weight loss to making money to the ever-popular relationship advice. If you’re looking to publish an e-book that offers dating and relationship advice, be aware that you are up against thousands of others.

Of course, some e-books receive far better download numbers and customer feedback than others do. While much of this can certainly be attributed to the quality of the book in question, a great deal of the success you see from publishing your e-book is the result of good marketing strategies and a useful product offering.

The first step to success in publishing your writing is simple: Make sure that the advice you’re sharing is worth reading! If you’re publishing a relationship advice book, have something new to say – for example, check out this e-book and blog offering new and truthful insight on how to attract women without using pick-up artist tricks.

Before you start taking steps to publish your e-book, make sure you have a strong platform for marketing it. Create a blog and put some work into making it appeal to your customer base. On your blog, explain what your book is offering and even provide samples, because you can’t expect to gain readers without letting them sample the wisdom you have to offer.

Leading up to the publish date of your e-book, promote the title, topic, and date on your social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent places to broadcast the type of message you want to reach your potential fan base. However, remember that spamming or appearing desperate for social media traffic is not an effective strategy and may turn people off the idea of reading your book.

As soon as your e-book is published, make sure you have created a landing page on your main blog or website that will take people to a location where they can purchase and download your book. Any new customers visiting your site are more likely to check out your product page and make a purchase.

It is also a good idea to consider running some advertisements. However, you want to make sure they are well placed and worth your money. Dating sites are a logical and profitable place to put advertisements about relationship and attraction advice. Facebook also offers a wide potential social reach, so think about what types and approaches to advertising you may want to pursue.

After your e-book has been available for download for a few months or so, start looking for positive testimonials. Keep an eye on the customer reviews, and don’t be afraid to reach out to your customer base for feedback. If someone has improved their quality of life as a result of your positive dating and relationship advice, other people will want to know about it! Finally, make sure you have a professionally designed online location to publish and display your positive feedback, such as a Results page featured visibly on your blog or website. On this page, be certain to include a prominent link on how to purchase and download your book.

Above all, an intelligent publishing schedule and thoughtful marketing strategy will be the factors that will define the success or failure of your advice e-book. There are millions out there, but you are the person who can make sure your book stands out among the rest!